• To investigate and write the history of our village and the area where we live.
    Our mountains were traditionally called the «Sierra Pobre» (Poor Mountains), according to the name, the resources for preserve the history were low comparing with richer areas with more identity. We will investigate the study of monographs, periodicals, archive documents or printed books prior to the 20th century. The results will be disseminated, first of all to the neighbors themselves, in order to learn about our own distant history.

  • To record the memory of our grandparents.
    During the 50´s, a strong migration to the big cities altered the life in this region. We plan to collect the oral history of our neighbors from the 50s to the present. Collect their knowledge and memories and make them visible. We hope that the results help preserve our identity among the neighbors, the emigrants who continue to come for vacations and weekends, and the new neighbors who are arriving nowadays.

  • To make information available for visitors in a fun and interesting way.
    Tourism is one of the possibilities to develop the region. As a tourist office we believe that our area is fragile and we should take care of the amount and quality of tourists. We checked it during Easter 2021. The COVID protocols forbidden to travel outside of Madrid region. The tourist number coming from Madrid increased so much that showed we do not have capacity to receive so big number of tourists. We wish to receive a number of tourist s adapted to our capabilities and quality. We hope that to offer our history attracts sensitive and respectful tourist looking for our life and traditions.

  • To create a meeting point for professionals who study our village and mountains.
    To get this objectives we will need alliances with all kind of profesionals. We are interested that all information we will generate will be accessible for professionals on different areas (documentalist, historians, archaeologists, anthropologists…) and this information should be useful for their respective investigations.

What is said until now about this project

  • «The collaboration of our company KOLIA Documentation with the Horcajo de la Sierra-Aoslos Tourist Office. We are proud to collaborate with out knowledge to value the historical documentation of this municipality. We congratulate the registration and dissemination of all the results through this website. As a professionals of Documentary, we value to have easy access to these resources and it is an example that other municipalities could follow» (KOLIA Documentation)

  • «Thank you to the Horcajo de la Sierra tourist office for collaborating with our studies on the «regueras» (traditional system to move the water for gardening) on the south face of the Sierra de Guadarrama and on lino flower crops. The interviews to old neighbors from the village are really useful to increase our knowledge on these two topics» (Tenada del Monte)

  • «Thank you to the Horcajo de la Sierra-Aoslos Tourist Office for create a web page to record the history of the municipality, as well as the communications and information exchanged for our project to rehabilitate the 18th century bridge» (Carlos Caballero Casado, archaeologist)

  • «Excellent work on an area unknown in general by people. The part about the positions of the Civil War is extremely interesting» (Antonio Morcillo, GREFEMA association)